Anne Donzé und Vincent Chagnon

Vase object "Show me your bag, I shall tell you who you are"


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Anne Donzé and Vivent Chagnon, who as a glass artist duo won a number of internationally renowned prizes and awards for their work, have combined their two specialties for an extraordinary work: "Déballe ton sac", "translucent glass bags". The artists ask themselves the question: Is the packaging becoming more important than what it contains due to its marketing? The bag generally hides its contents from prying eyes - is it to protect one's identity?

The hand-blown whimsical objects are suitable for flowers, colorful bon bons, as containers for everyday items such as: pens, car keys, glasses, lipstick... anything you would store in a bag, or simply empty as an aesthetic object in their interior. French Anne was trained at CERFAV (European Center for Research and Training in the Glass Arts). In Vannes-le-Châtel and at the Massana School in Barcelona, ​​she specialized in working with glass paste. Vincent learned the art of sugarcane blowing in the old style of the Czech Republic in Quebec. This artistic collaboration pushes them to emerge from the comforting cocoon of technology: technology in the service of the idea and not the idea limited by technology.
Anne Donzé and Vincent Chagnon, connect the concept of the everyday object of this time with the profession of glassblowing in a natural and historical way and work with complex craft techniques from the past.

The glass objects are made in 3 colors. In our shop we currently offer the color clear, transparent.

  • Material and color, vessel: glass, transparent.
  • Material and color, handles: Genuine leather, brown
  • Manufacturing method: Mouth-blown glass. Therefore, each vase is slightly different, which accounts for its quality and charm.
  • Dimensions: height, approx. 35cm, length: approx. 23cm, width: approx. 15cm

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