Cuddly Banana, Jellycat


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  • Size: 17cm
  • 100% polyester
Jellycat is a British brand specializing in the production of high quality soft toys and plush toys. The brand was founded in 1999 and has since gained an international reputation for its creative and charming plush creations. Here are some features that set Jellycat apart:

1. Creative design: Jellycat soft toys are characterized by their original and often humorous design. They offer a wide range of animal figures, from classic pets to fantastical creatures.

2. High quality: The brand attaches great importance to the quality of its products. The stuffed animals are made of high quality materials that are soft and durable. They are child-safe and meet strict quality standards.

3. Variety: Jellycat offers a wide range of plush toys in different sizes, shapes and styles. This allows customers to find the perfect stuffed animal for themselves or as a gift.

4. Popularity among children and adults: Jellycat soft toys are popular among both children and adults. They are often collectibles and are also used as decorative elements in children's rooms and living rooms.

5. International presence: Jellycat has sales partners worldwide and is available in many countries. The brand has established itself at international trade fairs and in numerous stores.

6. Personality and Character: Jellycat stuffed animals are often designed with personality and character. This helps children and adults develop a special bond with their plush toys.

Overall, Jellycat is known for its cute and charming plush toys that bring joy and warmth to people's lives.

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